November 26, 2005

Border Control First
Verifiable Performance Must Precede Talks

Ignoring the Obvious
Composite image by American Patrol
Bush and Photo of the Day - Aug. 12, 2005 - Aztlan on the border.
Let's Get Real
    On Monday the President of the United States will promise to control the borders in order to get his guest worker program. Don't trust him.
    Let's speak the truth: 1) We are being invaded; 2) The immigration system is being run by people hand-picked to defeat any attempt to control the border; and, 3) Because of 2), before guest worker talks can begin, the border must be under control as defined by a specific, independently verifiable goal and timetable.
    "At a minimum Americans should insist that the proposals by be implemented before guest worker talks begin," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. Spencer said Bush ignores the evidence of the Mexican Conquest of the southwest.

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