December 12, 2005

60 Minutes Fights for Open Borders/Amnesty
Propaganda Aimed at Influencing Congress

Ed Bradley takes aim at the heart of America
(Composite by American Patrol)
60 Minutes - CBS - Dec. 11
Our View
Working hand-in-glove with Border Patrol Management, 60-Minutes produced one of the most one-sided views of illegal immigration ever seen by the American People. Last night's segment pictured illegal aliens as victims. From suggesting that the Border Patrol initiated Operation Gatekeeper (it didn't), to arguing (with the help of turncoat T.J. Bonner) that a fence won't work, 60 Minutes ignored all evidence and produced a pure piece of propaganda aimed at influencing Congress. The segment featured three open borders advocates (Bonner, Reed, Cornelius) and one person in favor of law enforcement (Tancredo). It would make Dan Rather proud. (See annotated Transcript) - [Contact Info]
Watch the Video [Courtesy of Rep. Tancredo]

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