December 17, 2005

Now the Fight Begins - Tom TancredoAP Internal Use Only
Border Bill Faces Senate/White House Opposition

Face of hate - Rep. Howard Berman (D-Ca) addresses Tom Tancredo on floor of House.
C-SPAN - December 16
Rep. Howard Berman: I simply want to point out to my friend from Colorado that before he praises this legislation too much, he should make sure their really is a strategy to turn it into a law, because I am very skeptical that you will ever see this bill coming back from here. Very skeptical [read very hopeful].....
Rep. Tom Tancredo: The gentleman knows that I have often approached this particular issue with a certain degree of cynicism, perhaps the same amount you are expressing right now. All I know is this... I am happy to have gotten to this point... the gentleman is right, there are major obstacles in getting this beyond this point....
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See "Senate Aligned With America Hater" (Berman)

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