February 14, 2006

Conquest of Aztlan
Mexican Government Joins U.S. Revolutionaries

Top left: Fabian Nunez,Speaker of California Assembly. Top right: Mexican Senator Cardenaz. Bottom left: Armando Navarro, UC Riverside Professor. Bottom right: unidentified Reconquista.
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN -- February 13
Meeting in Riverside - Feb. 11
Fabian Nunez (tape): I am honored to fight against the Sensenbrenner approach to immigration
Casey Wian: Organizer Armando Navarro began by quoting Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, prediction a socialist revolution stretching from the tip of South America to northern Canada.
Armando Navarro: Tierra del Fuego hasta Canada!
Reconquista: his is not their land. This is not their continent. This is our continent. -- Watch - also see Guest Worker segment...
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