March 17, 2006

Kyl to Leave "Terrorist Alley" Open
Did "Tree Huggers" Kill San Pedro Security Fence?

ABP smuggled simulated WMD along San Pedro River and into U.S. - three times.
(Composite image by American Patrol)
Kyl cuts 15 miles off planned border fenceAP Internal Use Only
By Tony Davis -- Arizona Daily Star -- 3.18.2006
   U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl will shave the length of a proposed border fence by 15 miles to keep it out of the nationally recognized San Pedro River. --- Opponents of illegal immigration criticized the switch. They said the San Pedro area is a major source of illegal traffic across the border. The head of American Border Patrol, Glenn Spencer, said the group plans to produce a video soon documenting how heavy the immigrant flow is along the river.
    "It is one of the major headaches for the Border Patrol and the people of the U.S," said Spencer, the group's founder, who said he can see the river from a window at his home a half-mile from the border. "It's an ill-advised decision."
Contact Senator Kyl. Ask him consider new evidence of San Pedro River smuggling available from ABP later this week.
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ABP telephone: (800) 600-8642

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