June 20, 2006

Border Fence Scam?
Simcox Fence Project Raises Doubts

At left, border fence project as promoted by Chris Simcox. At right, actual fence as built.
American Patrol - Thousands of Americans have donated hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, to build a fence on the border to stop illegal aliens. One man mortgaged his home and donated $120,000 that otherwise would have gone to Disabled American Veterans. Chris Simcox continues to sell the plan as an Israeli- style fence when in fact the only thing built is a five- strand barbed wire livestock fence that a rancher says won't keep illegals out. "I have warned from the beginning not to donate money to any such effort until the promoters produce a building permit that includes the specifications as being sold by those promoters," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. Spencer has property on the border in Arizona.

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