August 19, 2006

The Great Aerostat Mystery
Border Balloon May Already Watch Invaders

Aerostat balloon over Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. (Balloon shown in launch phase - it operates much higher.)
American Border Patrol
Is DHS Holding Out?
    American Border Patrol has long advocated the use of the Aerostat balloon to detect invaders. It blew the whistle more than a year ago. Arizona Rep. Renzi added his voice as well.
    During the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday, Rep. Renzi asked about putting sensors in the balloon. CBP spokesman Vaughan said it was possible, but made no mention of how it is currently being used.
    ABP has learned that the Aerostat is being used to track illegal aliens.
    If this is so, why didn't the CBP tell Renzi? And is CBP sharing the intelligence with the Border Patrol?

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