November 1, 2006

Heroic Effort or Scam?
Simcox Fence Moves Ahead - Slowly

Construction crew works to erect poles on Simcox fence. (ABP - Oct 31)
1/2 Of 0.9 Mile Fence Under Construction -1,799 Miles To Go
His first border fence project ended after 2 miles of stock fencing was built. After raising more than a million dollars toward a goal of $55 million, Chris Simcox is now building a security fence on 0.9 miles of border east of Naco, Arizona. Critics say no matter how good it is, it is simple matter for illegal aliens to walk around it. Lack of sites is a major problem. More than 90% of the land on the border in Arizona is owned by government agencies who would not allow a private fence of this sort to be built.

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