November 22, 2006

Fence Fight Unfolds
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"We have to keep this fight going and you have to keep it going. "
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- November 21
    Dobbs: So the Homeland Security secretary, Michael Chertoff...wants to go back on legislation within just about a month of its having been passed?
    King: Well, listen, I think Mike Chertoff is well-intentioned on this. He doesn't believe that 700 miles is possible. I believe it is. And not only that, we passed the legislation, we have to make it work. And so I told him clearly that I would not support any attempt to scale it back and I've directed my staff not to even begin any negotiations or talks.
    As far as I'm concerned, this is over with. If there were objections, then we shouldn't have had the legislation signed.
Video  Segments:  Pahrump / Flag / Fence / Rep. King

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