December 2, 2006

CNN Smear Job
"..he (Spencer) chases anyone who looks Mexican."

Top: CBP jet approaches ABP in U.S. airspace.
Bottom: Video of Don Barnett being followed by Glenn Spencer. (Better quality video but short.)
Paula Zahn Now -- CNN -- December 1
Ed Lavadora: "He flies so close to the U.S. border that this federal patrol plane rode his wing to force him back."
The truth: ABP coordinates every flight with Customs and Border Protection and Lavadora knew it. This jet had no business doing what it did.
Video   Watch
"And on the ground he chases anyone who looks Mexican."
The truth: I have never chased anyone, especially Mexicans - nor have I ever been accused of it," Spencer said. "Lavadora made this up to suit his own nefarious purposes."
    "The video he used suggesting a so-called chase is of Glenn following Don Barnett on Roger's ranch," Spencer added. Spencer gave the video to Lavadora.
    "Is Lou Dobbs the only honest host on CNN?" he asked.

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