January 25, 2007

Need for Physical Fence Demonstrated
ABP Border Cam Shows Why

ABP's thermal Border Cam shows aliens crossing the border (1), walking north (2) and then it shows a helicopter hovering over the group (3).
American Border Patrol
Operation B.E.E.F
    Tuesday night, American Border Patrol reported a group of 18 illegal aliens just as they were crossing the border. Fifty-four minutes elapsed from initial detection in Mexico to apprehension by the Border Patrol, and it took a helicopter to finally find them. "If you watch this video I think you will be convinced that a physical fence is needed on the border," said Glenn Spencer, head of ABP. "Had this been in a remote area, it would have taken much longer to find the aliens, if they ever were found," he added.
    In the past ten days, ABP has aided in the apprehension of more than 100 illegal aliens and guided the USBP to a group of drug smugglers.
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