February 9, 2007

Reconquista Returns
Jose Jacques Medina in D.C. to demand amnesty

Left: Medina addresses 1996 D.C. Reconquista rally (see video clip from "Bonds Part II") -- Right: Medina in D.C. this week to finish job.
Medina was elected to the Mexican congress while living in the U.S. -- "If they had allowed the votes of every Mexican living abroad, then Calderon would have lost," Medina said.
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN - February 8
Sylvester (CNN): Mexican officials are pressing to keep an open border that has allowed millions of illegal aliens to filter into the United States. Members of the Mexican Congress are visiting Washington and Chicago this week to push for a U.S. guest worker and amnesty program.
Medina (through translator): We are starting our business here in Washington, looking to integrate ourselves in the solution of the immigration problem. We don't want to see ourselves as a problem. We are here as a solution.
Krikorian (CIS): This is a direct interference in American domestic policymaking. And it's part of a long pattern of Mexico's violation of our sovereignty in the area of immigration.
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