March 1, 2007

Closing In on the Corrupt
Rorhabacher Says Sutton Lied

More on the Bush/Gonzales/Sutton Cabal
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Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- February 28
Wian: ...The once-secret document shows Sutton's office was told by the DEA that Oscar Aldrete-Davila was implicated in a second drug smuggling incident while he was under immunity but before the agents' trial. The evidence that Aldrete-Davila was a serial drug smuggler was kept from the jury that convicted Ramos and Compean.
Rohrabacher: Evidence now emerging suggests that Sutton's office was notified by the DEA of Davila's direct involvement of a second offense. Sutton chose to disregard the information, despite the evidence provided by the DEA.
Wian: Rohrabacher even accused Sutton of lying by misleading jurors and the public about Aldrete-Davila's drug smuggling history.

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