March 16, 2007

Why Not Naco?
A Double Fence Is Needed. Why Isn't It Being Built?

"There are no major impediments to the construction of a two-layered border fence in the Naco Section. The terrain is relatively flat and any minor environmental concerns could be handled easily...."
Why Not Naco?
By Glenn Spencer, March 16, 2007
Here we go again, mass confusion and obfuscation on the border. On October 26 last year, nearly six months ago, President Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006. The SFA was approved by a yes vote of 67% of the House of Representatives and 81% of the Senate. This is not trivial.
There is a crying need for a fence in the Naco Section. There are already cameras and sensors all along the section, however rancher Ladd is constantly harassed by Border Patrol Agents chasing illegal aliens across his ranch.

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