Response to Kyl's performance on Lou Dobbs Tonight, June 18, 2007

Senator Kyl said in no uncertain terms that under the "new" SB 1348 illegal aliens will not have their status changed at all until 340 miles of border fence have been constructed, plus other things. Unless the law has been changed significantly, and I seriously doubt it, this simply is not true. Following a bogus so-called 24-hour security check Illegal aliens are given an automatic "free pass" and allowed to remain in the country

Senator Kyl says the government is working on the border fence and the reason only two miles (Dobbs says thirteen miles. This is not correct.) have been built is that they are building the fence in phases. This not true. Construction on the fence system, including vehicle barriers, has all but come to a halt. The National Guard is doing some road work and this required before the fence is finished, but there are plenty of places where large-scale construction of the double fence could begin immediately.

Kyl also says the government is seeking rights of way along the border. I own property on the border. In the past six months agents of the Border Patrol called twice (once last week) to say work on the border system would begin this fall. He said he really didn't know what work would be done.He never said anything about permits or rights of way. Moreover, most of the land along the border in Arizona is government-owned and the DHS has the right to waive environmental laws.

Kyl is deliberately mouthing the party line put out by the Spinmeisters in the Bush Administration.

Glenn Spencer
American Patrol