December 16, 2007

Mexican Reconquista Behind Boycott Move
Bustamante is Father of Dual Citizenship

Jorge Bustamante
United Nations' Special Rapporteur & Sociology professor - Notre Dame.
Austin American-Statesman -- December 14, 2007
Mexico boycott over Republican immigration policies?
Mexico's foremost expert on immigration is calling on Mexicans to do whatever they can to stop Republicans from winning the White House next year, including a boycott of companies that donate to Republican candidates.
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    When California passed Proposition 187, Bustamante proposed dual citizenship for Mexicans so they could "defend the interests of Mexico" in the United States. He wanted to stop any further attempts by Americans to use the ballot box to resist the Mexican invasion. That was 1995. In 1997 Mexican President Zedillo said the plan for dual citizenship was part of "extending" Mexico's territory beyond its borders. It is now Mexican law.
    "So here we have a man who is clearly advancing the cause of the Mexican takeover of the American Southwest holding positions in the U.N. and a major Catholic university," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.

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