February 5, 2008

Chertoff Redefines Fence

Chertoff's border "fence." Defining away a "problem."
Chertoff's Strange World
American Border Patrol -- February 5
    Yesterday, DHS Secretary Chertoff told the press "...we have currently got 287 miles of fencing built across our Southwestern border; that includes pedestrian and vehicle fencing. " American Border Patrol reports that there are 163 miles of fence and 130 miles of vehicle barrier, for a total of 293 miles, which is very close to the DHS numbers.
    "Anyone who calls a flimsy barrier made out of cannibalized railroad rails a fence doesn't speak the English language," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. "Most would call this a blatant deception," he added.
    A recently released environmental plan calls for only seven miles of new fence in Arizona. [Update at 10:55 AM PST: The 7 miles was changed to 21 miles, according to our sources]    
    "There is no question that the American people are being betrayed once again," Spencer said.
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