April 6, 2008

Conquest of Aztlan?
The Absolut Truth

This ad ran in Mexico for two weeks. Americans called the ad "an affront." -- See results of related poll.
American Patrol Report -- April 6
Threat to America Confirmed
    In 2001, American Patrol produced a video entitled "Conquest of Aztlan." It laid out the case that illegal immigration from Mexico was part of a plan by Mexico and the Mexican people to place the Southwest under their jurisdiction. They called it "la Reconquista." The press and politicians dismissed the notion as outrageous.
    Now, seven years later, an ad by the Absolut Vodka company has placed the issue front and center before the American People.
Michelle Malkin wrote...
"Write on the chalkboard 500 times: Reconquista isn't real. And mindlessly repeat what the National Council of La Raza (The Race) claims: Reconquista is just a 'code word' invented by conservative 'hate groups' who are just dreaming the whole thing up."

"The coming war with Mexico over illegal immigration will be one of the greatest disasters to ever hit our nation," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. "We must prepare today for the inevitable."

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