Note: At the 40:00 mark Frank Sharry says that they hope the immigration debate begins in the House instead of the Senate. They hope the Zoe Lofgren will push forward an amnesty plan in the House instead of what happened two years ago, were the amnesty bill died in the Senate.

Sharry then uses the race card by saying that Republicans will use the "southern strategy" against illegal aliens. Then he goes to explain what "progressives" plan to do to get an amnesty bill passed, and what the message needs to be. ~~ Click here to return to archived feature

Red DotSocialist America-hating slimeball Sharry also lauds Janet Murguia, Grand Wizardess of the 'Tan Klan," and who is also present at the shindig. Sharry further lauds the way shameless ethnic-hustler Murguia handled Lou Dobbs in this interview.

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