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Digging Up The Pete Wilson Myth
Hero of Proposition 187 Blamed Again

Dallas Morning News -- September 3  
Pete Wilson -- Mayor of San Diego, California Assemblyman, U.S. Senator, Governor of California

Expect little, if any, immigration talk from McCain to Republicans
   "If the people that want a secure border get it, then we'll have a second debate about how we deal with the people who are here," said Pete Wilson, the former California governor whose fierce policies on illegal immigration damaged Republican outreach among Hispanic voters for a generation.
   "But the first concern, which totally dominates, is the concern about preventing 12 million from becoming 25 or 50, and quite rightly."
Red DotGlenn Spencer's comment: Nonsense! As I said in my September 1, 2000 letter in the Wall Street Journal: "Republican Pete Wilson was re-elected because he had the courage to stand up against the Mexican invasion. Handed enormous political ammunition by Democrats, Dan Lungren spent $44 million against Gray Davis, $33 million avoiding the most crucial issues facing California. His capitulation cost the Republicans California, not Proposition 187."
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