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Removing All Doubt
Obama Would Cede Southwest to Mexico

American Patrol Report -- December 19
"We are all Americans, whether you are legalized or not"

    Anyone who still doubts that Barack Obama is determined to grant de-facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens should explain to the rest of us why he picked Hilda Solis to be Secretary of Labor.
A long-time supporter of la Reconquista, the Mexican takeover of the American Southwest, Solis is also a leader in the movement to silence Americans who speaks out against the invasion, specifically Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly.
    At a 1996 meeting of the Southwest Voter Registration Project, Solis said, "We are all Americans, whether you are legalized or not." She was the sponsor of a California bill to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens.
    The Secretary of Labor enforces laws dealing with the work site, including laws dealing with unions.
  There is no doubt that Solis will work to subvert the enforcement of immigration laws and will give more power to the SEIU and other pro-alien unions.
    Americans are going to have to fight very hard if they are going to save their nation from a president who is determined to destroy it.
Video Watch: Dobbs on Calif. budget   Transcript

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