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One Down, (At Least) One to Go
Solis Should Follow Richardson to the Egress

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- January 5

    Bill Richardson was a bad choice for Secretary of Commerce. He has spent almost his entire professional life living off what he is, a Hispanic, rather than who he is. Who he is was best demonstrated during the debate over Proposition 187 when he said he dropped all pretenses and said Hispanics must band together and fight attempts to resist the invasion from Mexico.
    Likewise for Hilda Solis, Obama's pick for Secretary of Labor. During the same debate over illegal immigration, she said "We are all Americans, whether you are legalized or not."
    In other words, Solis was saying that anyone who made it past the Border Patrol should be granted citizenship – anyone.
    Can you imagine, as Secretary of Labor, what she would say to millions of illegal aliens seeking employment in the United States? Or better, yet, what they would say to her if she didn't fight against the enforcement of immigration laws at the job site? Here is a sample: "Hey Solis, you said we are all Americans, whether we are legalized or not, remember?"
    Barack Obama and his team know they are in trouble with the American People. Besides the millions who believe he is a fraud, yours truly included, millions more are likely to get buyers remorse in the coming weeks. Picking open-borders people like Richardson and Solis for Cabinet posts lessens his standing and erodes his ability to lead. He should drop her like a bad habit (like smoking, for example).

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