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The Education of Sarah Palin
Open-Borders is a Dead End

American Patrol Report Commentary -- February 6
Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Sarah Palin

    She energized the Republican Party. Here was a true conservative, speaking a mind not polluted by years of compromising with liberals. However, she didn't know what a liability John McCain really was, and may not still.
    Sarah Palin recently endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry for re-election. Some raised the possibility of a Palin/Perry ticket 2012 ticket. This could spell real trouble for Sarah.
    Two years ago Perry came out dead-set against the border fence.
    He opposed ending the practice of "anchor babies," a process that just about guarantees Mexico victory in the on-going demographic war. And, he fights for the right of illegal aliens to be educated for free in the United States (one of the reasons California is broke.)
    Perry also championed the NAFTA highway, linking Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, which many believe is a precursor to the North American Union.
    He talks the talk on immigration enforcement, but seems to limit deportation of illegal aliens to those who commit other crimes.
    In 2005 Gov. Perry borrowed the idea for a citizen Internet Patrol from American Border Patrol but he failed to follow-through.... Continue Reading....

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