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America Under Siege
Reconquistas and Fellow Travelers Join Forces
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN -- April 9
President-pretend Obama would cede Southwest to Mexico.
    Dobbs: Good evening everyone. Here we go again. The Obama administration making amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders one of its top priorities, the Obama administration has decided to bring in more foreign workers, even as many U.S. citizens are struggling to find jobs. Also illegal aliens already in this country costing citizens billions of dollars in higher costs for health care, education, and the result of depressed wages. We'll have that special report.
    Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment: Let’s understand the Order of Battle here. Due in large part to the collapse of the financial system in September of 2008 (The September surprise?), Mexican Reconquistas and their fellow travelers now have control of the Congress, the Presidency, and many state legislatures- especially our largest state, California. They own the media.
    In the coming months we are going to witness the greatest barrage of propaganda ever unleashed on the American People. It will come from paid ads, biased news reports and actions by Obama Administration apparatchiks, especially in the Departments of Homeland Security, Labor and Justice to keep the border open, suspend immigration law enforcement and intimidate anyone who resists.
    Prepare to defend yourself America, for you are truly under siege.
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