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The People vs. The Powerful
Lies and Distortions Do Not Silence Their Voice
American Patrol Report -- May 10  
   Reflecting on Gov. Schwarzenegger's fall from grace, the L.A. Times claims that Gray Davis was recalled because of the economy and that Pete Wilson fell from grace because of his stand on Proposition 187.
    The fact is that illegal immigration was the main issue behind these California stories. Pete Wilson was reelected on the coattails of Proposition 187, the voter-passed measure to halt funding for illegal aliens.
    On September 5, 2003, Gray Davis signed a bill granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens. While the media tried to downplay its importance, illegal immigration and the driver's license issue were key behind-the-scenes factors in the recall campaign. Schwarzenegger promised to repeal the license bill if Davis was recalled. He was and he did.
    The web of lies and deceit grows larger with each election. The only time the truth is known is when the people get a chance to speak as when the Senate tried to push through amnesty in 2007.
    On May 19 Californians will once again see through the lies and distortions and reject attempts by the power-elite take their money for illegals.

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