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Demonizing American Patriots
SPLC Takes Aim at American Border Patrol
KTAR -- Phoenix -- August 12   
Arpaio urged to part with groups  
    Phoenix -- The Southern Poverty Law Center is calling on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to distance himself from anti-illegal immigration groups, saying that such groups may view his stand on immigration as vindication of their beliefs.
    Dr. Heidi Beirich of the center came to the Valley at the invitation of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, who has been a lightning rod in the immigration debate, clashing with Arpaio.
    "It's not about immigration, it's about hate," Gordon said Wednesday.
    Beirich singled out three anti-illegal immigration groups on her radar screen: the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, American Border Patrol and United for a Sovereign America. All operate within Arizona's borders.
    Beirich said it is dangerous to have mainstream people, such as the sheriff, associating with the Natavist (sic) groups.
    "These are not people who anybody who is in public life should be spending time with," Beirich said. "These are parts of our horrible past, especially the racism, that we've been trying to get over."
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American Patrol Report Comment: The Southern Poverty Law Center has set out to destroy any organization that presents a threat to its agenda, what ever that is. It uses any means necessary including wholesale fabrications. Please take the time to look at American Border Patrol's answer to this SPLC attack.
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