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USSA – Union of Socialist States of America?
The Union/Communist Takeover Attempt Exposed
American Patrol Report -- September 8
Glenn Beck: It's not about Van Jones, it's about the president's policies. The president told us, you want to know who I am, you want to know what my policies are, you look to the people I surround myself with. Well, look at the people he's surrounding himself with. Well, here's just a communist, a 911 truther. The president said we don't endorse his viewpoints. You don't endorse them? How about coming out and rejecting them? The Democratic Party is in bed and has been with people like Michael Moore. Michael Moore came out this weekend and said that Capitalism is evil. You cannot let these people create anything else, because it's anti-capitalist.
(Short discussion of Senator Baucus' attempt to mediate health care debate)
Beck: What's happened here is we used to have Republicans and Democrats and both were equally as bad. Now what we have are Republicans and socialists or radicals. [...]
Beck: Yesterday we appointed a new manufacturing czar, Ron Bloom, run by a guy who is with the unions... SEIU, this is one of the nastiest unions out there. If you look at the President, he is surrounded by SEIU.
American Patrol Report note: Last October John McCain went on Larry King Live and said he didn't think Obama was a socialist. Ron Bloom, Obama's new manufacturing czar, attended a Labor Zionist school (Labour Zionism, Hebrew: tsionut sotsialistit)
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