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Union Subversives Surface
Beck Exposes SEIU / Obama Link
Glenn Beck Show -- Fox News -- September 16
Eliseo Medina (rear) joins with Mike Garcia of SEIU and Jesse Jackson to support illegal aliens. (April 4, 2000)
    Glenn Beck: The administration, the progressives and the fringe media don't want you to have a clear picture as to what is really happening and learn that it is the unions who have organized those massive illegal immigration rallies. Did you know that? You know, it's all about money for the union. When we're talking about immigration, that's what it is - anything to increase the union roles. They don't care if millions of keep pouring in and treated miserably by the companies – gigantic global corporations that don't mind it either because they can hire them on the cheap... that's modern day slavery. -- SEIU is now for amnesty. Whoa!
    Remember who the president talks to before the debate on immigration?
    Obama: Before immigration debates took place in Washington I talked with Eliseo Medina, an SEIU member.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report: We have been reporting on SEIU and Eliseo Medina for nine years. Also, see Union Card for Green Card: The Radical Vanguard in the Los Angeles Labor Movement by Lloyd Billingsley, August 2000.
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