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Should We Finish the Fence?
Will Pelosi Support DeMint?
American Patrol Report -- October 1  
    On July 8 the Senate passed the DeMint Amendment to complete the border fence.
    "The American people were promised a secure border fence three years ago and it's time to make it happen," said Senator DeMint.
    "Our southern border has become a battleground for illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking, and it's vulnerable to terrorists. Unfortunately, our government has dragged its feet for years and tried to use untested and insecure 'virtual' fencing instead of actual, physical fencing."
    As reported by American Border Patrol, DHS has completed only 35 miles of double-layered fence instead of 700 miles as required by law and much of what the DHS claims is fencing isn't fencing at all but next-to-useless vehicle barriers.
    The debate over the DeMint amendment is now stalling the reconciliation of the 2010 Homeland Security spending bill.
    "Properly designed border fencing cuts illegal immigration dramatically and can save money," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. "Everyone should call and demand that the double fence be completed - and not some piecemeal approach." (Click here for contact info)

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