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A Wakeup Call from Mexico
What All Americans Need to Know 
American Patrol Report -- October 19
"Today, during many of the ritualistic-type dance festivals in the small towns of Mexico, the participants don attire which imitates both the barbarian Aztec and Apache, not the Teotihuacan culture."

Wakeup Call From Mexico  
    As America faces chaos in Mexico and a political class that seems to want to ignore the threat, Wilson Beck, an expert on Mexico, and a self-described Mexicophyle, puts it all together in "Wakeup Call From Mexico."
    This week the American Patrol Report will provide a detailed review of Beck's book. Today we summarize chapters I, A Wakeup Call from Mexico, and chapter II, The Collapse of the Golden Age of Mexico.
    Beck brings an intimate understanding of the Mexican culture to this work. He makes sense of the senseless, but in a way that is frightening.
    "If what Beck is saying is true, and I believe it is, then the United States of America is in the greatest peril since its founding in 1776," said Glenn Spencer of the American Patrol Report.
    The first installment of our review can be seen here.

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