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Border Audit Planned
Operation "Hidden in Plain Sight" 
KVOA-TV -- Tucson -- October 23
"We apprehend what we can see. I cannot count something that I do not see." -- Click here for Spencer's reaction to Escalante.

Martha Vasquez, KVOA Anchor: A border watch group is going high-tech to figure out exactly how many people are illegally crossing the border. The American Border Patrol is raising money for a plan to put up hidden cameras and sensors along a stretch of the border. News 4's Ed Trible shows us what they're doing in tonight's Four on the Border investigation.
Ed Trible, KVOA: Whether it's by air or by camera, Glenn Spencer is always keeping an eye on the border.
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol: We're going to show that it can be done.
Trible: He's the president of the border watch group, the American Border Patrol and is planning an operation called Hidden in Plain Sight.
Spencer: We're going to take a pretty wide segment of the border and we're going to wire it, we're going to sensor it, we're going to camera it.
Trible: They're going to count how many people pass by and compare that to the number caught by the Border Patrol to see if current efforts are working.
Spencer: If you don't measure it, you can't improve it because you don't know what improvement is.
Trible: To be balanced we asked the Border Patrol for reaction to Spencer's plan and if they have the numbers Spencer is trying to find out.
Mario Escalante: U.S. Border Patrol Spokesman: I can't speculate there is something that we don't know. We apprehend what we can see. I cannot count something that I do not see.
Trible: He (Spencer) says he counted 440 illegal immigrants coming across trails in September. His group plans to use these cameras and sensors for data, not apprehension.
Spencer: We won't try to stop anybody, we won't enforce the law – It is a totally passive audit.
Trible: With balanced news in Cochise County, Ed Trible, News 4.
Vasquez, KVOA Anchor: The American Border Patrol says it plans to have enough data by this spring.

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