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SPLC -- Silencing People Who Love Their Country
Anti-American group brags about kicking Dobbs off the air 

American Patrol Report -- November 18
O'Reilly: "I feel that you and your organization, while you do do some good, are fascist in your approach to people with whom you disagree."

    Last night Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center bragged to Bill O'Reilly that his organization was instrumental in getting Lou Dobbs kicked off CNN. O'Reilly even agreed to pay off a bet he had made with Cohen last year that they couldn't do it. (Watch)
    Asked what they did to get Dobbs off the air, Cohen said, "What we tried to do was point out kind of the lies and racist conspiracy theories that Dobbs propagated night after night." Cohen specifically mentioned the leprosy controversy and Mexico's conquest of the southwest when condemning Dobbs.
    Back in 2007 we said that the data Dobbs got on leprosy was faulty, but we agreed with him on the Mexican Conquest of Aztlan.
    O'Reilly said the SPLC is a fascist group in its approach to people with whom it disagrees. We agree. In 2006 the SPLC accused American Border Patrol of "abusing and illegally detaining immigrants." It lists ABP as a hate group. These lies led to a complete blackout of ABP and its work. That's why they did it.
    When CNN did do a story about ABP, also in 2006, it lied about its work and said Glenn Spencer "chases anyone who looks Mexican."
    The SPLC and CNN are engaged in the suppression of free speech. They spread lies and misinformation and slander anyone who speaks out against illegal immigration. No doubt this pleases Mr. Obama.

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