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The System Worked!
Failure is Success to Napolitano
American Patrol Report Editorial -- January 5

    Last month a terrorist nearly blew an airplane out of the sky near Detroit. DHS Secretary said the system worked.
    Last month, drug smugglers and well-armed people crossed the border into the United States. Last month a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot north of the border in Arizona.
    Last month the two top photographs shown on this page were taken on a known smuggling trail in Arizona. From top to bottom: Drug smugglers; and a man carrying a Mac 10 machine pistol. The very bottom photo shows the type of fencing they had to cross.
    On November 13, DHS Chief Janet Napolitano said DHS has built more than 600 miles of border fencing.
    This simply isn't true. ABP's aerial survey of the border shows that more than 300 miles of so-called fencing is nothing more than vehicle barriers that one can step over or - using a portable ramp - drive over. And much of the border is just wide open.
    Unlike the near-catastrophic event in near Detroit, the mainstream media have been able to cover up the border problem. The threat is just as real and the failure at the top just as bad. We may get action to stop terrorists from flying into the U.S.; but it is unlikely that anything will be done to stop them from just walking in.
    Napolitano's political correctness may yet deal us a very serious blow; but to her failure is success.

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