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So Long Sarah
Palin Sinking With McCain
Jay Bookman -- Atlanta Journal -- January 27

Endorsement of McCain alienates Palin supporters  
    Sen. John McCain, the man who brought Sarah Palin to national prominence, is being challenged for re-election in the GOP primary by former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth. Palin recently announced that she plans to travel to Arizona to campaign on McCain's behalf, but posters on her Facebook page are not at all happy with their Sarah: "Sarah, it was fun, but now you are done."  
    "McCain used Palin like a cheap tool to keep from getting beat worse than Reagan did to Mondale. His staff mocked her and showed no respect. Now McCain is using her again like a cheap tool and this time she is willingly doing it under the guise of loyalty. As long as McCain is the face of the GOP, conservatives are irrelevant. Palin is playing politics and this goes against what she "supposedly" represents. She helps elect McCain, she's done."
    That's just a small sampling of some 2,500 comments, and I have to admit to being surprised by the vehemence and near-unanimity of that sentiment. It makes me think that McCain might eventually have real trouble in the Arizona primary.
Daily Caller -- January 27
Tea Party groups split on backing John McCain's Republican primary opponent

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