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Courage and Capitulation
How Republicans Lost California
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- April 25  
Dan Lungren threw the 1998 California election
    In 1994 Pete Wilson ran to be re-elected as governor of California. He supported Proposition 187, the state ballot initiative that called for a crackdown on illegal immigration. Prop. 187 passed and Pete Wilson was re-elected. Four years later Dan Lungren was the Republican nominee to succeed Wilson. He lost to Democrat Gray Davis, some say because of a backlash against Prop. 187. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lungren lost because he walked away from the issue of illegal immigration.
    Eleven years ago I produced a video documentary about the Lungren loss. It was subtitled "Courage and Capitulation in California." It detailed Pete Wilson's courage and Dan Lungren's capitulation. Anyone willing to take the time to watch this video will agree that the Hispanic / Mexican reaction to Prop. 187 was so outrageous that, properly exposed, would have handed Lungren the governorship of California. In just one example, Art Torres, head of California Democrat Party, said: "187 was the last gasp of white America in California." That outrageous statement alone, in the hands of a TV ad professional, would have handed Gray Davis an overwhelming defeat - but there was much, much more.
    Illegal immigration is once again a major issue in California – as it is in Arizona. Anyone truly interested in the future of these two states – and the United States of American should take a very close look at this segment of the original video documentary.
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