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U.S. Sovereignty Challenged
Will the Bonds of Our Union Hold?
Los Angeles Times -- April 30  
"But mark my words, unless we handle this well, immigration of this sweep and scope could threaten the bonds of our union." -- Bill Clinton - 1998 / Get The Video
Villaraigosa backs boycott of Arizona
    The mayor also urges participation in Saturday's immigrant and labor rights march downtown, which police say could lure 100,000 people
    Blasting Arizona's tough new immigration law as "unpatriotic and unconstitutional," Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday backed a boycott of the state and urged Southern Californians to join an immigrant and labor rights march this weekend that police say could swell to 100,000 participants.
Will America Survive?
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- April 30
    In 1994 I told a meeting of FAIR; "You won't know you're being invaded 'till you try to stop it." California's Proposition 187 was an attempt to stop the invasion. It was met with an enormous force from the political left, including a deal between the President of Mexico and the Governor of California to kill it.
    The reaction to SB1070 – in the coming days and weeks - will validate my position.
    The mayor of Los Angeles is a lackey of the Mexican government. His has declared war on U.S. sovereignty.
    The irresistible forces of globalism and the Mexican invasion are about to meet the immovable object of American sovereignty. The bonds of our union are about to be tested and the survival of our nation hangs in the balance.
  Listen to Villaraigosa Bemoan the State of Arizona

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