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It is Time We Define Border Security
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- June 23   
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The means to an end -- but what end?
    In a shameless attempt to convince its readers that we should not make border security a prerequisite for amnesty, the Arizona Republic did us a service last Sunday by raising the issue of what border security means.
    Today the Associated Press takes up the issue in Spin Meter: Defining Border Security in which it lists what has been done to achieve border security, but makes no attempt to define border security, even though that's what the headline suggested it was about to do.
    Failure to define border security and setting a specific goal has been at the heart of the border problem. There is a saying; if you can't measure it, you can't improve it. It is time that we define border security - and develop the means to measure it.
    I have suggested that we consider the border to be secure when no more than 20,000 people illegally cross the U.S. -- Mexico border each year.
    I have also proposed a plan to count the number of people who cross the border.
    It is reported that the Obama administration wants to spend an additional $500 million to post the National Guard and buy more UAVs, among other things. Before spending any more money, Congress should insist that DHS define what it is that we are trying to accomplish and establish the means to show how well they are doing it.

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