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Border Batting Average?
Getting Down to Brass Tacks
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- July 6, 2006   
Nowhere does SBI spell out a goal that can be measured.
The following quotes are in this video summary [Video Watch]:
Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), Senate Floor, June 28, 2007
The American people want to see results – control of those borders. And we need to establish standards – the metrics – and then show that they have been achieved.
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Senate Hearing – Feb. 17, 2011
We have to agree on certain criteria on what is successful securing of our border.
John Stana, Government Accountability Office, House Hearing, Feb. 15, 2011
As CBP and Border Patrol continue to define new performance measures, it is important to keep in mind key attributes of successful performance measurement. These attributes include linking measures to goals, missions and core activities... employing numerical targets. [...]
What you have is a numerator here. We have the number of apprehensions, for example, but you don't know how many people might have been there to apprehend. How many crossers were there? When you watch a baseball game they put the batting average up and you can kind of judge how many hits you got for so many at bats. Here you are just getting the number of hits.
ABP has found a way
American Border Patrol has found a way to count how many people cross the border. For more information, call (520) 803-7703 and ask for Glenn Spencer or Sheri Crawford.

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