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California Collapse Imminent?
L.A. furloughs thousands as Brown tax faces voters
American Patrol Report -- April 28
L.A. Mayor not a happy camper (L.A. Times)
    The long anticipated collapse of California's public finance system could finally be at hand as billions in Obama stimulus bucks dry up in the face of a Republican-led House of Representatives.
    Looking at a $457-million shortfall, the mayor of Los Angeles said he would begin furloughing more than 6,000 city employees who refused to go along with a cost-cutting arrangement. (L.A. Times)
    At the state level, voters may well reject Gov. Brown's plan to raise taxes – forcing the state to issue IOUs to vendors within a couple of months. (San Jose Mercury News)
    As Leslie Schneider wrote in today's Beaufort County Now: "Illegal immigration largely affects the quality, human capital, and the prosperity of the United States, particularly in California. When immigrants come in and already have a learned skill and some education, naturally it would have a positive impact on the societies that they move to. When people come into any country or new area and have little skill and/ or education, then of course the society will be impacted negatively."

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