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Open Borders = Unemployment
But guess who runs the Labor Department?
American Patrol Report -- June 3  
    In 1996 Hilda Solis told a gathering of the Southwest Voter Registration Project (SVRP) that anyone who makes it across the border is an American. This was not surprising since the SVRP is a hotbed of insurgents seeking the overthrow of the U.S. government in favor of Mexican jurisdiction.
    It was also not surprising that Barack Obama named Solis as his Labor Secretary, since his political base are cheerleaders for an open border.
    But last year, Solis shocked even hardened pols when she used taxpayer money to assist illegal aliens to get a fair wage. "Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he wants to know why taxpayers are being asked to spend money to ensure that illegals get assistance for fair wages while millions of unemployed Americans struggle to find jobs."
    The President is suing Arizona for trying to protect its citizens against an illegal invasion. Our Secretary of Labor is fighting for the rights of the invaders.
    Is there still someone out there who doesn't understand that we have problem here?

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