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Fast and Furious Holder
AG tried to blame U.S. for Mexican drug war
Fox News -- June 10  
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Justice Officials in 'Panic Mode' as Hearing Nears on Failed Anti-Gun Trafficking Program
    Officials at the Department of Justice are in "panic mode," according to multiple sources, as word spreads that congressional testimony next week will paint a bleak and humiliating picture of Operation Fast and Furious, the botched undercover operation that left a trail of blood from Mexico to Washington, D.C.
    The operation was supposed to stem the flow of weapons from the U.S. to Mexico by allowing so-called straw buyers to purchase guns legally in the U.S. and later sell them in Mexico, usually to drug cartels.
    Instead, ATF documents show that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms knowingly and deliberately flooded Mexico with assault rifles. Their intent was to expose the entire smuggling organization, from top to bottom, but the operation spun out of control and supervisors refused pleas from field agents to stop it.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment: As we have said many times before, the Mexican drug war started when we began implementing the Secure Fence Act of 2006 and would have ended had we finished the job. The Obama Administration knew this, but sought to blame the U.S. instead -- so they flooded Mexico with weapons to prove their theory. Failure of the media to tell the truth has led to an even more convoluted mess.

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