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Outrageous Republic
"Truly Rotten People"
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- August 30   
Arizona Republic reporter Carlos Chavez tapes takeoff of ABP airplane.
    Like its counterpart in California, the L.A. Times, the Arizona Republic has fought for years for an open border with Mexico. Its coverage of the border fence is a perfect example. It says that tunneling under the border is proof that border fences don't work (Going under border fences, AZ Rep. Aug. 30, 2011) when, in fact, such desperate tunneling is tried because fences do work.
    We have said many times that our government could stop all tunneling, but it just doesn't want to.
    Last summer the Republic sent a reporter to do a story on American Border Patrol. After two days on ABP's ranch, the reporter, Carlos Chavez, told Glenn Spencer he thought the ABP story was "one of the most interesting I have ever worked on." They never printed a word of his report.
    The Republic has gone out of its way to keep the American Border Patrol story from its readers. With few exceptions, Phoenix TV has complied with their blackout. Had the Republic been honest about tunneling, it would have told its readers that ABP had tested a system that would put a stop to all tunneling cold. But the Republic is not honest.
    In California Republicans rolled over and played dead as the L.A. Times steamrolled all attempts to stop illegal immigration, and California is all but lost.
    It is a different story in Arizona. Arizona Republicans realize the management of the Arizona Republic are truly rotten people and they are fighting to save their state despite them.

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