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Guarding Trees
GAO Report exposes more border nonsense
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National Guard near Nogales. See other photos
Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson -- September 15  
Guard's use on border worrisome, feds report
    The lack of a comprehensive security strategy for the U.S.-Mexico border hampers the ability of the Department of Defense to make the best use of guardsmen assigned to help the Border Patrol, a federal report says.
American Patrol Report -- September 15
The GAO report says:
National Guard on the Border
    According to DOD officials, due to a shooting incident in 1997 in Redford, Texas, the SECDEF determined that military personnel will not conduct mobile patrols (e.g., they must remain stationary) and cannot carry loaded weapons. [...]
    Force protection is provided for active duty military services in Title 10 status by Border Patrol because these forces do not carry loaded weapons at the border.
Predator Drones
    Limited access to national airspace given inherent challenges with the UAS's ability to detect, sense, and avoid an aircraft.
    Limited sensor coverage (e.g. "soda straw" view), according to DOD officials.
    Less effective than manned aircraft in supporting apprehension of undocumented aliens, according to a 2005 DHS Inspector General Report.
Red DotComment: The National Guard sits in the open with no special surveillance equipment. They cannot move. They are protected by the U.S. Border Patrol. They make no after-action reports - CBP does - and who trusts their reports?
    The Predator drones are restricted as to where they can fly and how high (above 19,000 feet) – making them almost useless. Tell that to Rick Perry.

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