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Candidates don't understand border problem -- or don't want to
Fox News -- September 22   
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Transcript of Republican Debate
    Perry: --- are going to build a wall, a fence for 1,200 miles, and then go 800 miles more to Tijuana, does not make sense. You put the boots on the ground.
    We know how to make this work. You put the boots on the ground. You put the aviation assets ---
    Santorum: But it's not working, Governor.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
    Perry said we need more guards on the border and Santorum countered by saying it isn't working. What? It's a non sequitur. How can he say Perry's idea of more guards don't work if we haven't added them yet?
    This should have been his response:
    Santorum: Governor, I understand the fence at El Paso Texas cut apprehensions by more than 95%. Is that good enough? What is good enough? And when will the American people know we have done the job?
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