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Conquest of Aztlan Underway
A nation of cowards?
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American Patrol Report Comment -- December 22  
    On December 15 the Department of Homeland Security kicked Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of the immigration enforcement business. On December 16, DHS Secretary Napolitano met with Mexican front groups, including Take Back Aztlan, and said in the short future there won't be a border between Mexico and the United States. On December 20, Barack Obama said he was cutting the National Guard on the border. The next day, December 21, we learned that 35 percent of the CBP personnel are Hispanic --- more than twice their proportion of the population.
    Also on December 21, ICE refused to take suspected illegal aliens from the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office.
    Connecting these closely placed dots it is plain to see that Barack Obama is leading a broad effort to subvert the sovereignty of the United States in favor of Mexico. Those Americans who see this picture and do nothing are cowards.

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