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Mexican Takeover of CBP
Aguilar is the final step to open the border 
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- April 7, 2007  
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    Lisa Sylvester, CNN: Lou, many border patrol agents are tasked with the job of protecting the border but when they try to do their job they are being punished. There is a real perception that higher ups do not have their back and that chief David Aguilar is not on the same page as many of the rank and file agents. [...]
    The National Border Patrol Council that represents agents unanimously voted a no confidence resolution expressing their displeasure with Aguilar.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment – Dec. 23, 2011  
    When he complained in 2003 that illegal aliens were overrunning his ranch, Aguilar -- then head of the Tucson Sector -- told Roger Barnett those were campers, not illegal aliens.
    There is no question whatsoever that David Aguilar was long ago handpicked by Doris Meissner, then head of the INS, to take the position he now holds.
    Starting with George W. Bush and continuing with Obama, CBP has been flooded with Mexicans who will show loyalty to Aguilar no matter what. We are being set up for a complete opening of the border with Mexico. Does anyone care?

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