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Lest We Forget
Villaraigosa Reports to Mexico City
ABC News -- February 9   
Los Angeles Mayor Slams Mitt Romney on Immigration
    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pounced on Mitt Romney's immigration stance Wednesday night before a crowd of Washington, D.C., lawmakers and officials honoring the mayor for his public service..
    "For the first time in modern memory, a major political party is poised to nominate a presidential candidate who has abandoned immigration reform and instead advocates self-deportation," he said.
    Villaraigosa, who was presented with the 2012 Edward R. Roybal Award for Outstanding Public Service by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, didn't mention Romney by name, but called out the GOP front-runner for rejecting past bipartisan efforts on immigration reform.
    "Democrats and Republicans have recognized that our immigration system is broken and that it needs to be fixed. Now they haven't always agreed on the route but they've agreed on the destination." He added, "Unfortunately, now the likely Republican nominee for president has clearly rejected this rough consensus."
Los Angeles Times -- August 8, 1999
Letters to the Editor    
 What am I missing here? Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa thanks Mexico's President Ernesto Zedillo for helping kill Proposition 187, which denied benefits to Mexicans who broke our laws to live in California illegally... We know who Zedillo works for. But who does Villaraigosa work for? -- Doreen Hirschfield
When I opened the paper Wednesday morning, I could not believe what I saw and read. The world must have turned upside down. How can an elected speaker of the California Assembly applaud the president of a foreign country for meddling in our politics and thwarting the will of the people of California? ...We need to ask him where his loyalty lies the Mexican people or the people of California? -- Rogelio de Leon Pen

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