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Head of Border Group Helped Minorities
Glenn Spencer and American Indians
American Patrol Report -- February 22  
Arrowstar's Indian "Doodlebuggers" -- Note strings of geophones – now being used as part of the Sonic Barrier system. [See larger photo]
    In the face of accusations of racism by the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center, many were surprised to learn that Glenn Spencer, head of the American Border Patrol, has a long history of working with minorities --- most notably American Indians.
    In 1979 Spencer and Carl Fourstar, an Assiniboine Indian, identified a geothermal resource under the Ft. Peck Indian Reservation in Montana by looking at oil well logs*. Spencer secured a contract with the DOE to study using the hot water to heat a town on the reservation. Fourstar and Spencer then designed a unique agri-energyplex to use the hot water to make ethanol.
    After the Ft. Peck tribes turned down the idea of an ethanol plant, Fourstar (later to become head of the reservation), Spencer and Dennis Lambert - a Chippewa Indian - formed Arrowstar --- in Indian-owned seismic oil exploration company that Spencer ran as V.P. --- General Manager.
    Arrowstar grew to become the second largest employer of American Indians in the U.S. and completed successful projects for ARCO, Chevron and Shell Oil.
    When he needed a lead geophysical technician, Spencer picked David Aguilar, a Mexican-American.
    Over the years, Arrowstar employed over 90 percent minorities --- not by any mandate, but by choice. "Our Indian crews worked well in the open country and were the best at making sure the instrumentation was properly deployed," Spencer said.
    Arrowstar's Viborseis crew performed surveys in North Dakota where a major oil find is now being developed.
    Spencer used his experience with seismic oil exploration to help develop the Sonic Barrier border security system.
* - Geothermal energy still being developed at Ft. Peck

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