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Sonic Barrier Debut
Live demonstration impresses Arizona Senate panel
American Patrol Report -- March 2  
Glenn Spencer explains Sonic Barrier to Arizona Committee.
   Yesterday, Glenn Spencer appeared before the Arizona Border Security, Federalism and States Sovereignty Committee to present details on a new border security system called the Sonic Barrier. Spencer did so in his role as founder and president of Border Technology, an Arizona corporation.
    Spencer gave a PowerPoint on the development of the Sonic Barrier.
    Following Spencer, Mike King, VP of Border Technology, presented a live demonstration of the Sonic Barrier.
    Using an IP-based camera located on a ranch at the border, King had a group of people walk north from the border toward where one-half mile of the Sonic Barrier was buried. Senators could see the action.
    When the group got within about 400 feet of the buried sensors, an alarm was sounded and a map popped up on King's computer showing the location of the "intruders." King explained that the system is seamless and will detect anyone walking within no less than 350 feet from the sensor line.
    Spencer said that the system could be installed on 1,000 miles of border for what Boeing wasted on 50 miles in Arizona.
    The committee seemed very impressed with the Sonic Barrier. Of the eight members, four --- Allen, Burges, Melvin and Smith --- had visited the border ranch and seen a demonstration of an early version of the system.
Note: We will be posting a full video report on Monday.

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