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Border Solution at Hand?
Idea could end of decades of chaos. Good, right?
Jonathon Shacat -- Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review -- March
Mike King of Border Technology (Photo by Sierra Vista Herald / Review)
Protecting the U.S. border
Security system can sense crossings
    Glenn Spencer, president of the nonprofit border watch group American Border Patrol, is hopeful the state will pursue a new border security system, known as the Sonic Barrier, which can sense people, vehicles, aircraft and even tunneling within 200 yards of the U.S. / Mexico border.
    On Thursday, Spencer appeared before the Arizona Senate's Committee on Border Security, Federalism and States Sovereignty in Phoenix to present details on the system. He did so in his role as founder and president of Border Technology, an Arizona corporation.
    Components of the Sonic Barrier, including batteries, solar panels and analog / digital convertors, could be linked into a five-mile continuous stream. A small computer and an antenna would send the information to a central collection site.
    If fully implemented in Arizona, either state or local personnel, including paid staff or volunteers located anywhere in the state, would monitor the system and when they detect illegal immigrants crossing the border, they would notify the U.S. Border Patrol.
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This system could bring the border under control – once and for all. That would be a time for celebration - wouldn't it? Why isn't the Southern Poverty Law Center cheering?

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